Science Points to God

  • Sep 28, 2021
  • 6:11

Most of academia and the media would tell you that Christianity and science are opposed to one another, but this isn’t true. In fact, the majority of the Nobel-prize winners over the last 100 years were Christian, and nearly 90% of them believed in God.

In this video, Christianity Engaged founder, David Erhart, presents two of the primary ways in which Science Points to God. The video focusses on the origin and fine-tuning of the universe and provides scientific evidence to support God’s existence.

If you believe in God, we hope this video is an encouragement and a blessing to you. If you don’t believe in God, we don’t expect this video, by itself, to convince you otherwise. We do, however, hope that you might be inspired to investigate the credibility and conclusions of some of the scientists mentioned. And we pray that one day you discover there is an abundance of evidence to support God’s existence not only in science, but in every aspect of life, as well as in His revealed truth throughout scripture, and finally, in and through the person of Jesus Christ. God bless you all.


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