Scientific Proof There Is No God? The Skeptic’s Journey Part 2

  • May 30, 2019
  • 4:33

Does science prove there is no God? The Skeptic’s Journey is a true story of an atheist’s search for answers over more than a decade. The central figure in this series is highly intellectual and extremely skeptical about anything spiritual, including God. He set out to disprove God’s existence and the validity of the Bible.

In Part 2, convinced science has all the answers, our skeptic researches the current cosmological theories explaining the creation of the universe. Our skeptic is surprised by the rapid change in the cosmological theories and the lack of scientific consensus. At the time of this video, there are 93 theories or discoveries listed over the centuries. From the 16th century BC to 1899, there were 33 discoveries listed, roughly one every 108 years. But from 1900 to 2016, there are 78 theories listed, roughly one every 1.9 years. That’s a lot of change, and no single theory is widely accepted by all.

Our skeptic then presents what he considers the “most disappointing news of all”—the fact that all the planets and all the stars in all the galaxies—all the matter in the universe—only makes up about 4% of the entire universe. Everything that exists in the observable universe that we can see and touch, extending to the deepest galaxy in space only makes up about 4% of the universe. The remaining 96% is made up of dark matter and dark energy. And by their own admission, scientists have absolutely no idea what this is or how to study it because it can’t be seen, touched or interacted with, yet they know it exists by its gravitational effects.

The video concludes with the skeptic being disappointed about the rapidly changing theories, the fact that scientists don’t all agree on a single theory, and the recent discovery of dark energy and dark matter which illustrates just how little we actually know. He decides to research the theories provided by the Bible and other religions, albeit from a skeptical and critical point of view.


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