Has Science Proven There Is No God?

  • Dec 29, 2018
  • 4:37

Science has become a major barrier to faith for many people. Some claim it has disproved the Bible and the existence of God. In this video, we explore some of the most paramount scientific discoveries over the last 100 years and see for ourselves… has science proven there is no God?

The video highlights science’s greatest achievements and discoveries over the last 100 years including Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, Edwin Hubble’s discovery the universe is expanding, Fritz Zwicky’s discovery of dark matter, cosmic microwave background radiation, Alan Guth’s theory of inflation, and finally, the discovery that 1) the universe is expanding at a faster rate, and 2) scientists estimate dark energy and dark matter compose 96% of the universe.

Christianity Engaged makes the case that while these scientific discoveries over the last 100 years are truly remarkable, and the scientists who made them deserve our respect, none of these findings disprove the existence of God or the validity of the Bible.

The video concludes by highlighting the fact that science has proven the universe had a beginning and makes the case that the best explanation for the first cause would have to originate outside the natural universe. A purely naturalistic viewpoint would have to assert that the first cause came from within the natural universe—before there was a universe, when there was nothing.

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