What Keeps Evolution Up at Night?

  • Mar 6, 2020
  • 5:37

If the theory of evolution could talk, what would he or she say? Find out in What Keeps Evolution up at Night, our creative and playful take on a serious topic. Live action? Check. Animation? Check. Christian apologetics? Check.

The setting takes place in a psychiatrist’s office where Evolution, portrayed as an animated character, divulges to his therapist he can’t sleep because he is expected to have all the right answers and yet there are still so many questions about the creation of the universe and the evolution of man that he just can’t answer. It’s keeping him up at night!

In a fun and playful manner, Evolution cites several issues with the big bang theory, the unexplained nature of dark energy and dark matter, the probability of earth possessing all of the necessity requirements to support life by random chance (fine-tuning argument), and issues with the theory of evolution being expanded to cover the entire chain from the primordial soup to man.

The video concludes with Christianity Engaged Founder & CEO, David Erhart, encouraging viewers that there is another alternative—the universe was intelligently designed by an eternal, Creator God, who made us to find Him, and wants us to enjoy a close and personal relationship with Him.


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