God: Fact or Fiction? Powerful True Story – The Skeptic's Journey Part 7

  • Feb 6, 2020
  • 9:23

The Skeptic’s Journey is a true story of an atheist’s search for answers over more than a decade. The central figure in this series is highly intellectual and extremely skeptical about anything spiritual, including God. He set out to disprove God’s existence and the validity of the Bible.

After years of researching countless books, scientific journals, and even sacred texts from almost every single major religion, our skeptic finally came to a surprising conclusion and decided to believe in God.  

He then describes the changes that took place in his life over the next 30 years from the moment he first believed. The video concludes with our skeptic-turned-believer encouraging viewers to go on their own journey and hopes they decide, as he did, to follow Jesus, a decision he describes as “the best decision of my life”.


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