The Most Disturbing Deaths of All Time – The Skeptic’s Journey Part 5

  • Sep 12, 2019
  • 4:31

What happened to the 12 disciples? The Skeptic’s Journey is a true story of an atheist’s search for answers over more than a decade. The central figure in this series is highly intellectual and extremely skeptical about anything spiritual, including God. He set out to disprove God’s existence and the validity of the Bible.

After questioning Jesus’ existence in part 4, in part 5, our skeptic decides to research the lives of those closest to the Jesus. He determined Jesus would have needed help if his entire life were an attempt to impersonate the promised Savior and those closest to him would have known the truth.

The skeptic didn’t find any evidence to suggest his followers were con men. In fact, almost all of his followers continued on in his ministry after his death. And most astonishingly, almost every single one of his closest friends and followers died horrible deaths for claiming they say Jesus alive, after his crucifixion and burial, and for believing he is the Son of God.

Why are these the most disturbing deaths of all time? It’s not just because they are extremely gruesome ways to die. And it’s not just because this happened to 12 of Jesus’ closest friends and followers. These are the most disturbing deaths of all time is because if we take these men at their word, the word for which they died for, then we would be forced to admit to ourselves that Jesus is the Son of God.

In the end, our skeptic is extremely confused. He started this effort to promote science and debunk the myths of the Bible. And now, he claims science has let him down and the Bible is showing him things he just can’t explain.

The video concludes with the skeptic still not willing to believe Jesus is God but wanting to know the truth. He decides to go back to science and take a deeper look at the theory of evolution in an attempt to get his mind off of this research.


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